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You Want To Be Fit? No Effort, No Party.

A lot of coaches love to play the expert, take the wheel out of your hands and overhaul your entire life.

I don't. Why?

I might be an expert in nutrition, fitness and lifestyle coaching, but there's another thing where I’m not an expert in.

Your life.

I guide people every day to create a lifestyle that works for them and fits in the context of their own lives. No ‘drill sergeant’-approach, but continuous support to make my clients succeed.

It’s my biggest wish to make all my clients independent people by teaching them how to become 'guru’s' of their own little temple. Only then they can take full responsibility for their lives.

When we finally take up this responsibility a lifestyle becomes a tool to achieve personal goals in life, or a means to an end to unlock our full potential and realise what we’re truly capable of.


Let me make something clear.

Optimal health does not and will never come without making an effort.

The human body and the interactions we have between our genes, perceptions, relationships, environment and lifestyle are extremely complex. Everything connects with each other like a giant wheel work.

Life occurs on a moment-to-moment and daily basis. Choices we make in relationships, occupations, exercise and diet have profound and powerful influence over the course of our lives, particularly our health and happiness.

Take a minute.

Remind yourself all your goals, ideals or dreams you have in mind about your body, health and life.

How long have those ideals been in your mind as mere fantasies or wishes?

Why are you waiting to make your dreams reality?

What if I told you that; IT IS POSSIBLE! The only thing you have to do, is choose.

You have to decide if you really want to achieve what you have in mind. If not, that’s alright too. Finally, you don’t have to waste energy anymore to feeding those fantasies inside your head.

If you decide you really want it, then action is the key word. No one has ever achieved anything by waiting for better times.

Simply start.

If you’re unsure about which direction to go or where to start, I recommend you to start slowly and change one aspect of your life at a time.

(e.g. I will drink 2 litres of water for the next 30 days.)

If you get lost on the way or tried already too many times just by yourself, remind yourself that you have to do it yourself, but you don't have to do it alone.

You can ask support from your spouse or family (or take them with you and go for it together), or look for a knowledgeable coach to give you advice on how to overcome obstacles and help you make your dreams reality.

Your future self will thank you.

Your coach,


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