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The Story of Manolete - The Great Bullfighter - by James Hillman

Manolete was very afraid when he was a little boy. When he was 9 years old he never wanted to leave the house, preferred being safe around his mother, staying as closely as he could. A very timid little boy.

However, his grown-up life, Manolete was one of the greatest bullfighters who ever lived.

According to psychotherapy, it is logic that he became a bullfighter, because of the compensation mechanism for their boyhood/childish weakness. These were compensations and of course he became a hero, because he was so mother-bound as a child.

But now suppose you read the whole story backwards.

Suppose that Manolete had the seed of being a great bullfighter in him. He knew that, and that was his acorn, his fruit of life.

What else would you do but hang around your mother if you know you'd have to meet the 1000 pounds black bull with his horns out?

We read live only one way, which is the dogma of developmental psychology, but other cultures read life the other way.

From the end, backward. The fruit of life, or acorn, is given and the whole oak tree is in the acorn. The whole pattern is given up there and you choose the parents, according to the Platonic view, that are needed for your particular kind of tree.

You could only be born in that family, because it is the only place that could be right for your destiny.

And, the longer you spend protesting what your mother and father did to, you protest that whole descent fantasy.

- By James Hillman, Fathering the Boy Inside (1988),

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