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Coffee.The Good, The Bad or The Ugly?


Some say good, some bad, some ugly.

I say VERY good for a SPECIFIC time of the day.

Coffee has got an increasingly negative connotation throughout the last years. For some reasons I agree, for others I don’t.

If you need your cup of coffee so badly to get yourself out of bed, combined with an additional 6+ cups to get you through the day and to keep that little bit of focus and energy going, you’re in doing it wrong.

You’re letting the coffee use you, instead of you using the coffee.

But, it isn’t all black or – cappuccino – white. Let’s dive deeper in the way caffeine works and how you should use it smartly in your life.

1. Drink coffee in the morning

First things first, what is coffee and what does it do inside your body?

“Coffee contains the chemical compound we all know very well – caffeine. Caffeine works by improving mental alertness through an activation of your central nervous system (CNS), heart, muscles and the centers that control your blood pressure.”

It will activate your two most important neurotransmitter for motivation and focus, which respectively are dopamine and acetylcholine. This is very beneficial to start your day fully charged. There is a reason why many people say that the morning is their most productive time of the day, and yes it should be that way.

2. Don’t combine it with carbohydrates

On top of the former mentioned effects, caffeine also activates a specific signal in your body – cAMP – which tells your body to dissolve glycogen from your liver into the bloodstream as glucose. In short, this explains the reasons why caffeine gives you that little extra boost.

But, if you’re aren’t following my breakfast principals yet, which is a breakfast consisting of high quality animal protein and plant-based healthy fats, caffeine can get your body in a sugar craving, hypoglycaemic state.

So, don’t combine coffee with your bowl of cereal, bread or croissant. Start making better choices.

3. Add a spoon of coconut oil

As a man, I’m not a fan of any kind of milk.

Milk isn’t for men, as it will mess up your oestrogen/testosterone levels in a negative way. And it gives you man tits, so stay away from that.

Instead, use some white gold – aka coconut oil – to spice up your coffee. Coconut oil has to many benefits to mention at once, but as we speak about getting you fully charged, coconut is the right nutrition to optimise your brain performance.

4. Hydrate yourself throughout the day

Dehydration is the primary reason why we suffer from decreased mental and physical performance on a global scale.

Take in mind that next to its benefits coffee has a diuretic effect on your body, which means you will lose more water than needed.

As rule of thumb, drink one glass of water after each cup of coffee.

Your coach,


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