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7 Powerful Herbs to Support Respiration

It’s that time of the year again, colds and flu with its according symptoms like sneezing, breathing difficulties and a running nose. Today, I’m going to focus on natural herbs to optimise the mucosal tissues in our respiratory system.

Nature has an abundance of powerful herbs to support the respiratory system. Due to their antibiotic effect, mucosal compounds and essential oils they are capable of enhancing our self-healing capacity.

1. Thyme

Thyme in a syrup aids to dissolves slime and acts as a natural support agent in the case of colds, throat ache and coughing in particular. Pay attention to make sure you buy a pure and natural syrup without added codeine, because it’s quite an addictive component

2. Lamb’s Tongue

Lamb’s Tongue gives support to the respiratory system and intestines, but first and foremost the autonomic nervous system. Energetically it gives a sense of confidence and calm, which happens to make us breathe deeper. My advice is to make it a tea infusion at night to down regulate after a busy day.

3. Sage

An infusion of sage can be drunk or used as a gurgle liquid to reduce throat, mouth, tonsils, stomach and intestinal infections. Sage acts as a dissolvent of slime and cleans out the bronchia. The only moment not to use sage is in a case of fever.

4. Onion

Peel an onion, cut it in half and put it on your nightstand. Onion will help to keep your nose open and will drastically improve sleep quality when suffering from cold symptoms.

5. Chamomile

Chamomile is a very famous herb often drunk as a herbal infusion to calm down at night or to induce sleep. Besides those benefits, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect as a gurgle drink for throat infections. Another application can be to steam it up with a towel covering your head.

6. Garlic

Antibacterial, due the allicin compound, high in vitamin C, sulphur and glutathione. Garlic can be used in a tea infusion or make yourself a nice portion of green vegetables with additional garlic. I always like to have fermented garlic tablets in my natural pharmacy as it’s a very powerful natural antibiotic.

7. Malva

Malva contains medicinal properties due the high concentrations of essential oils. They will dissolve slimes, reduce aches and cramps and have a soothing effect on coughing. Tea infusion or gurgling are both valuable options.

Make sure to try and rotate herbs as they might different healing properties for each one of us due to our biochemical individuality and epigenetic differences.


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