Passionate About Inspiring Others

From a very young age I have always been very passionate about the human body and what it is capable of.

Everyone's body acts as a vehicle through which we have the fortunate opportunity to experience this lifetime. It is therefore my conviction that we should take responsibility for our own body. In order take responsibility for our own health we need the right knowledge and tools to be able to make smart choices on a daily basis.

Maxime Vanacker

- Professionele opleiding in de Orthomoleculaire Voedingswetenschappen, BIOK

- Het Paleoprincipe, Ortholinea/kPNI 

- Sportvoeding, Precision Nutrition Level 1

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health is redefined as the ability to take responsibility for oneself.

-Bruce Burger

Over the last years, following my passion, I have travelled around the world to learn from the best in an attempt to get a deep understanding of the workings of our human body. I have learned in theory and practice how nutrition and other lifestyle factors can make us the best version of ourselves.

Professionally, I've spent the past years helping people of various backgrounds to establish a lifestyle that works for them. I've worked with people in-person and online, leading workshops, retreats and seminars in Belgium, Denmark, Spain and South Africa and educating people in corporations like AB Inbev and Cirque du Soleil.