Health MAstery Program

Change your habits. Change your body.

Hi there, my name is Maxime Vanacker.


Over the past few years I have helped hundreds of people to get in better shape and create better lives. 

It's simple: I show them exactly what to do and coach them through the process. They put in the hard work and results become inevitable.


Today, it's your turn!

The Health Mastery Program is designed to get you in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life. No diets or quick-fixes, but expert guidance that will help you get the results you've always wanted.

HEalth MAstery Program


Get the body you always wanted.


Develop a lifestyle that works for you.

Skyrocket your energy levels.


Results that last forever.

The Health Mastery Program has changed many lives through unique habit-based lifestyle coaching. Every program is highly personalised to serve the needs of each individual, which results in effective coaching that will fit in the context of your own life. 

Quit dieting forever! 

No temporary diets, quick-fixes or unrealistic expectations, but a client-centrered approach with a personalised curriculum to give you all the tools you need to effectively build habits that work for you and are sustainable.

If you're always busy and you have a demanding job, Maxime is your man. He will motivate you to make time for at least one workout a week, individualise his coaching and keep the spirits high. Maxime is result-oriented and has great coaching skills.

Belgium, Monique R. - Sales & Marketing Executive 

Many came before you. If they can do it, you can do it too!

The process is simple. 

After your free consultation, you'll receive an in-depth questionnaire to get to know more about your history, lifestyle, needs and specific goals. When all that information is set in place, you'll get going with your assignments on a weekly basis by integrating them in your life in a way to works for you. 

Finally a coach that cares. 

You'll be able to count on me to guide your through the process. I will be there to provide you with practical feedback, answer your questions and give you the necessary push when facing obstacles. 

A recipe for succes!









A lot of coaches love to play the expert, take the wheel out of your hands and overhaul your entire life. 

I don't. Why? 

I might be an expert in nutrition, fitness and lifestyle coaching, but there's another thing where I'm not an expert in. 

Your life. 

That's exactly why I focus on providing you with all the necessary tools, education and support, only than you will be able to create habits that will set you up to achieve lasting results and transform your life for once and for all.

What to expect?


Personalised program design.


Accurately track your progress.

24/7 Online support.


Premium coaching.

In 6- or 12-months you will get in the best shape of your life - forever.