Corporate wellness

We live in an age of information overload, expansion and an ever-increasing desire to be successful. At the same time our society is suffering from an exponential growth of chronic diseases, depression, burnouts and many more. Sounds familiar?

Time for a change!

In the business world today, employee health and wellbeing is a key focus of some of the world’s most successful and innovative organisations. For these companies, employee health and wellbeing isn’t just something they pay lip service to; they invest great time, energy and resources into creating workplaces that embrace wellness and consider it a vital part of business strategy.


The Employee Wellbeing Program is all about creating new habits and building a solid foundation. The goal of this program is to exchange bad habits for conscious choices with a life-long impact on the professional and personal life of your employees. Success will become inevitable through a detailed action plan and 24/7 individual support. Happy employees for the win! 

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Mind-Body Awareness Workshop

The Mind-Body Awareness Workshop aims to bring us back home into our body. In modern life and work, we spend most time in a seated position, barely moving and too much time inside our heads. This workshop give you the opportunity to calm down, realign and get to know yourself better. 


Brain Health, Focus and Productivity

The Mental Performance Program will make productivity and creativity inevitable. There will be a specific focus on optimising our mental capacity and brain health, while making you a healthier and happier person. Get after it!

Burnout and Disease Prevention

The Burnout and Disease Prevention Workshop offers cutting-edge know-how and tools in an interactive setting. Together we look into nutrition, exercise, supplementation and other lifestyle factors that will give participants a big toolbox to make better choices on a daily basis. 

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Mind-Body Awareness Workshop
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